During your initial evaluation visit, your prosthetic practitioner will carry out a detailed interview to help determine the best treatment plan. We will always be transparent about the design process. You are encouraged to ask questions and give us feedback. We provide patient education and are happy to research an answer for you or point you in the right direction if we don’t have an immediate answer for a question.

Our priority is the appropriate fit and function of your prosthesis as well as your safety. With an appropriate fit, your prosthesis will be comfortable and offer you the best functionality for your lifestyle. We take all measures to listen to your concerns and comments prior to final delivery of a prosthesis. We look forward to meeting your prosthetic needs.

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Clean, Curated Visual Aesthetic
Friendly Customer Support
Modular Architecture

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Friendly Customer Support
Modular Architecture
Clean, Curated Visual Aesthetic

Types of Prostheses

Types of prostheses we can provide
Partial foot prostheses
Below knee or transtibial
Above knee or transfemoral
Knee disarticulation or through knee
Hip disarticulation
Hemi Pelvectomy
Finger amputations
Silicone restorations for toe or finger amputations
Below elbow or transradial
Above elbow or transhumeral
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